Road map

1. Registration of participants

Registration of participants by exchanging RURC for other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LCN, etc.). To register, fill in the fields on the Registration and Exchange Form.

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2. Land acquisition

Acquisition of agricultural land in the territory of the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation (min. 21 ha)

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3. Design

Designing an agricultural enterprise of a mixed direction (rural tourism, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, fishing, hunting, etc.)

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4. Building

Construction of an agricultural enterprise of mixed direction (rural tourism, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, fishing, hunting).

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5. Enterprise start

Starting production and sales of products, rendering services on the basis of a mixed agricultural enterprise built.

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6. Profit making

Distribution (payments) of profits from the activities of an agricultural enterprise between holders of Rural Coin tokens (RURC)

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Land plot

Questions and answers

How do I get Rural Coin (RURC) tokens?

To obtain Rural Coin tokens, you must:

1. Register an Ethereum wallet with ERC-20 contracts (If you already have an ETH wallet, go to the next item)
2. In the registered wallet add a token with the address: 0x38f40e6e8b81edbecd53c175bb0414c056f485ec (contract address can be copied in the description or at the bottom of the site)
3. In the application form, enter the address of your Ethereum wallet, phone, e-mail, read the agreement, if you agree, check the box and click "Send and go to the exchange"
4. In the opened form, select the desired exchange method and make the exchange.
5. Go to your Ethereum wallet and make sure you get Rural Coin (RURC).

Why buy Rural Coin (RURC)?

Rural Coin (RURC) provides:

- By purchasing the RURC token, you become a co-owner of the future enterprise, which can be touched, you get the right to vote when making decisions, you can exchange tokens for services and products of the enterprise, make proposals and elect a board of directors, participate in profit sharing and other preferences.

- Security in the blockchain technology is provided through a decentralized timestamp server and peer-to-peer network connections. As a result, a database is formed that is managed autonomously, without a single center.

Guaranteed profit
- Holders of Rural Coin (RURC) will grow rich not only from the growth of the market rate of the RURC token as the Roadmap is implemented, but also from the receipt of dividends after the start of production.

Why land is acquired at least 21 hectares?

In one hectare of 10,000 square meters. We will purchase at least 21 hectares - this is 210,000 square meters, first of all in order to provide the Rural Coin (RURC) token with material support from the minimum calculation: 1,000,000 RURC = 10,000 square meters or 10,000 RURC = 1 weave, or 100 RURC = 1st square meter. However, in the case of the acquisition of a larger land plot, the material cost of RURC will also increase. For example, when purchasing 42 hectares, the owner of 500,000 RURC will own 1 hectare, i.e. 10 000 square meters of land agricultural enterprise. The material cost of 1 RURC will double.

Which Ethereum wallet to use?

For storing and transferring Rural Coin (RURC), we strongly recommend official Ethereum purses, such as: MyEtherWallet и MetaMask

What is the number of the Rural Coin (RURC) token in the Ethereum network?

Rural Coin (RURC) token number in Ethereum network: 0x38f40e6e8b81edbecd53c175bb0414c056f485ec

Why does the purse owner Rural Coin (RURC) have little ETH?

The purse owning the token Rural Coin (RURC) is not used as a payment and settlement for security purposes, it was created only for managing Rural Coin (RURC) and sending it (distribution and accounting) to participants. Payments for the Rural Coin (RURC) token are made from other wallets. The purse owner only executes orders of settlement wallets, which in turn are changed for security and confidentiality purposes.

How long to wait for receipt of RURC?

If you have made a payment during business hours, then RURC will be sent to your wallet within 24 hours. If the request was made at another time, then RURC will be sent to your wallet within the next day.

How to return the cryptocurrency paid for Rural Coin (RURC)?

You can return cryptocurrency at RURC at the market exchange rate in exchange offices and on the exchanges, or from us at the declared value when buying out at any convenient cryptocurrency at the exchange rate at the redemption date. Redemption will be made twice a year. The repurchase price of 1 RURC will be published along with the repurchase dates.

What are the deadlines for the implementation of the stages of the Roadmap?

The exact dates and dates of implementation of the stages of the project depend on the measure of implementation of the preceding ones, and therefore we do not want to mislead the participants and set dates from nothing. As soon as it becomes clear to us that the project is interesting and a large number of participants are willing to invest in it, we will immediately determine the dates and deadlines for the implementation of the Roadmap and notify the participants.